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  Policies and Procedures for TLC Pet Care, LLC



Please note as listed below - A 24 hour cancellation notice is required or you will be charged for the visit.  Pre-payment is also required for our services.



Thank you for letting us care for your precious companion!

 ♥  PRE-PAYMENT is required for all pet sit, dog walk, playgroup and daycare visits by all clients.  If visits are provided daily from Monday through Friday, payment is required on the first day of the visit for that job, i.e., Monday.  Checks to be made out to TLC Pet Care or Gail Pasquale.  Cash is acceptable.  There will be a $5.00 service fee assessed to any invoiced job not paid within a week plus 1.5% interest added.  Thank you.


♥  CANCELLATION   For Pet Sits and Dog Walks - 24 hour notice

Telephone notification ***by 4:30pm the day before for*** changes/cancellations.  Changes/cancellations after 4:30pm the day before will result in charge for the visits.

E-mail for next day cancellation may not be received in time.  

      *  Weekend jobs cancellation notice
 -- For Pet Sits and Dog Walks

      -- you need to notify Gail Pasquale by telephone by the Thursday 12:00 noon prior

         to that scheduled visit weekend or you will be charged for the entire weekend

         work scheduled


♥ SNOW REMOVAL  - We do our best to get to your home during a snow storm (we VERY RARELY cancel), however, if we are unable to get to your door because of snow/ice, we will be unable to care for your pet at that time and you will be charged.  Please try to make sure we have a clear path to your home.


♥ Dog Walking/Pet Sitting -- An initial visit is required before the start of any pet sit/dog walk job.  This is free of charge and allows information to be gathered about your pet, receipt of TWO keys and pre-payment.


♥ For Pet Sits and Dog Walks -- To ensure that your pet is being given the most superior care available, TLC Pet Care asks that all animal areas and kitchen sink areas are clean and free of other objects.  All litter boxes and cages must be washed and newly changed prior to our first visit.


  For Pet Sits and Dog walks - Visits are based on an approximated amount of time spent with the animal(s), if other duties are required, it is fulfilled within the allotted time specified (i.e., 20 minutes) and can take away from the animal.  With dog walking, we prefer to come in, leash you pet, head out the door immediately and spend a good 17 minutes walking your dog.  If you require additional duties either before or after the visit, it will, unfortunately, take away from the purpose of our visit, to walk your dog.  An Observations and Remarks form will be filled out after each visit and left for the owner



  For Pet Sits and Dog walk - Vacationers are asked to call TLC Pet Care upon their arrival back home to let TLC Pet Care know that their pet is being care for.  Delays in calling can result in TLC Pet Care coming back to the home to check on the pet even after the contracted date to insure that the pets needs are being cared for.  A charge for this visit will be added.


PLEASE NOTE FOR CAT CARE - We love kitty cats and want the best for them.  We only schedule 'every day' visits for cats and not every other day or every third day for their own safety.  

  TLC Pet Care reserves the right to refuse to provide services to any client or potential client.


DOGGIE PLAYGROUP  --  An evaluation of all dogs that attend is required.  This service requires advance notice. We will do our best to fit your dog in with one of the playgroups but advance notice will ensure he/she will be able to attend.  Space is extremely limited.

If your dog is sick, coughing, sneezing or has fleas, please let us know so that we

do not infect the other dogs.  We will not be able to take your dog to playgroup if he/she shows signs of illness.  You will be immediately notified.

Vaccination checks will be done on a semi-annual bases.  Titers are accepted instead of vaccinations only if done on an annual basis.  Please discuss this with your licensed veterinarian.  It is required that your dog be up to date on their vaccination (or titered) and that a negative fecal test is done every 6 months.  An additional fecal test specifically for Giardia is required for all dogs.  Help us keep all the dogs as healthy as possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.


ADDITIONAL CHARGES will  result from the following: 

1.  Schedule changes within 24 hours of scheduled visits ($20.00 administrative fee).  TLC Pet Care understands that schedules for clients may change, however, a change in the schedule will result in restructuring driving routes and paperwork which has already been established.  This fee will be instituted if a client's schedule constantly changes within a 24 hour period.

2.  Any problems resulting in owner error will result in additional fees being assessed, including additional visit fees, mileage fees and administrative fees.   Emergency situations will be handled appropriately whether we are working with a sick animal or a problem with the premises.  There is a minimum charge of $35.00 that will be assessed.  Please make sure all keys, key locks, etc. are in working order.

3.  Cancellation of job AFTER initial visit - ($20.00 administrative fee).

4.  Mileage charges (if any) - will be made know prior to initial visit.

5.  HOLIDAY AND HOLIDAY WEEKENDS are subject to a $10.00 surcharge per visit in additional to visit charges and mileage charges, if applicable.  Please see the Holidays and Holidays Weekend Calendar on our website.

6.  Thorough cleaning of litter boxes or dirty cages - $10.00.  (No charge for sifting kitty litter boxes or paper change for cages.) 

7. Returned checks will be subject to a $25.00 fee.  Checks that have a stop payment on them will result in a $50.00 charge plus the cost of legal actions in which the client will be obligated to pay for.

8.  Rates are based on a single pet... additional charge for additional pets.  (Please see Services and Rates for more information.)

Policies and procedures can change without notice, please check our website for updates. Thank you for your cooperation!  WOOF!


UPDATED . 1/5/2018

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