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Carla - Pet Caregiver

"I just love the dogs and animals we care for.  They are all nice to walk and you grow so attached to them like they are your own."

         Employee since 2014


Jaime - Pet Caregiver

"It is so much fun to enter a home and have the animals be just so excited to see you.  You have the opportunity to play with them, care for them and nurture them.. kind of like a grandmother would do."



       Employee since 2009


Gail Pasquale, CPCT (Certified Pet Care Technician through ABKA) - Owner, Operator, Pet Caregiver

Caring for animals all of my life... Professionally since 1997, Founder and former President of a highly respected National Non-Profit Dog Rescue Organization, Crested Guardians, Inc.  "Animals have always been my passion.  Caring for them, nurturing them and giving them the love and attention they want has always been such a rewarding way to be."  A past Coordinator for the New England States of an international rescue organization for many years, Gail worked tiredlessly as President and Founders of a non-profit Chinese Crested Dog Rescue Group helping, nurturing and vetting unwanted, abused and neglected Chinese Crested Dogs and other small dog breeds.  "We, as pet owners, are so fortunate to have the abilities to care for and love our animals.  It is my hope to educate people to keep pets out of shelters, give them a good outlet during the day when owners can't be home and to cherish the new friends I make every day.  Thank you for giving me, my family and my wonderful employees the opportunity to care for your precious companions." 


Gail received her attunement and training in Usui Reiki and became a Practitioner in June of 2012.


Gail has also attended several seminars, including Victoria Stilwell seminar on dog behavior, and remains current on medical issues and holistic approaches for dogs.


MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) training program Small Animal Handling & Pet First Aid (SMART/AID) Training. 


                     Caring for animals all of my life..   22 Years Professionally .. 

Gail with Villian


Katie - Pet Caretaker

A Certified Vet Technician, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to TLC and the animals she works with. 

"I am really enjoying all the animals we are going in to care for.  They have been such a lot of fun!"

        Employee since 2016

Chris - Pet Caretaker

I just love seeing these dogs.  Some of them are just so funny and just love their routine.  You can't help but just love them all.

           Employee since 2016

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